New to Utah and loving it

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    IMG_2709.JPG IMG_2490.JPG IMG_2704.JPG Hey everyone names Bryce thought it was time I'd introduce myself. Moved to Utah last May and so far I'm loving it. Found this forum long before I moved here and been creeping on it since... grew up in Southern California hiking all over my home mountain of iddywild And the sierras. Living where I lived in so cal the pristine trails of the sierras being a six hour drive away I am very happy to be so close to the high Unitas. I have been on a few awesome weekend trips already and a four day trip over the Fourth of July weekend. Lots of day hikes in high Unitas and along the wasatch the mountains of the area are awesome.

    I am also into fishing and enjoy the opportunity that these mountains present along with the rivers. I'm looking forward to many more trips over the coming years need to get around to adding a few trip reports. This site is awesome and inspires me to explore beyond Utah. Researching trips into the wind rivers and the sawtooth's and would appreciate any know insights. Some of the areas I have explored in Unitas include Murdock basin, smith and moorehouse trailhead,silver lake area in American fork,and granddaddy basin several times!!! Love that place so much to explore on and off trail.... been to some hot off trail fishing spots... willing to swap info thru dm for secret spots .

    Anyway otherwise I'm just a regular guy hard working electrician. Family man love my wife and kids and enjoy getting them outdoors with me when I can. Anyone need electrical work dm me also willing to take on small side projects when I have time.

    Hope to get to know some of you and maybe even head out on some adventures!!! Hahahaha obviously I can't figure out how to rotate pics just some random stuff I thought id share.
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    Welcome. Idylwild is a great place.