New Canon 6D


Jan 18, 2012
New "affordable" full-frame camera from Canon. Canon's smallest/lightest full-frame camera body. Looks very tempting....Built in GPS and WiFi.,2817,2409723,00.asp

I like this...

"GPS is integrated for geo-tagging photos, and Wi-Fi allows remote control from – and wireless transfers to – a PC, Mac or smartphone. The EOS Remote app will be available soon from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Uploads to Facebook and YouTube, wireless printing to compatible Canon printers plus video and photo streaming will also be possible."

Depending on what's on the EOS Remote App, this would possibly eliminate the need for a cable remote when shooting time lapses and would be convenient since I use my phone as a GPS and have it with me anyway...
I am very interested in this camera as a second body....going to be watching the reviews when it hits the market.
Yeah, I'm drooling, no doubt, but not likely to do more than that for a good long time.

Nice to know there is a smaller/lighter full frame there for me when I finally manage to make the leap though!

This is very tempting. The price point makes me wish it had a more robust AF system though.