New BCP Resources Section


Aug 9, 2007
A while back @Bob asked me about having a place where people could upload things like useful GPS tracks and waypoints that may be of benefit to others. The idea was to have something similar to the existing trail guides system on BCP but setup so that people don't need to provide a comprehensive route description in order to still provide potentially valuable information to the community.

Starting today, there is a new section on BCP called 'Resources' for this purpose. It can be found in the header menu on every page or by using the direct link:


The Resources section is somewhat experimental so we'll see where the community takes it. Any member can create a new resource. I have started us off with a few categories but we can add more as we think of ways to use this:
  1. GPS Track & Waypoint Files
  2. Tutorials & How-To's
  3. Checklists & Planning Aides
  4. Mapping Resources
If you have suggestions of categories to add or other ways to use this, speak up!

When you create a resource, you fill out some basic information and then you can upload files that then be downloaded by users. If you don't have a file to distribute, you can just put the relevant information into the body of the resource. Each time a new resource is created, a new thread is also created where discussion can take place on the topic. In addition, other users may rate and write reviews on the resources you publish.

And last feature, it is possible to offer paid resources. I'm not really sure how that would fit into the way we would use this new feature, but the possibility is there.

Hopefully this Resource Library can become a valuable tool for the community. Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it.
Great idea. Just an idea, maybe something similar for the photography section? A section of how to's people can post things to (how to light paint, take lightning shots, camera lens recommendations, etc.)?
@Laura - it's good to be used as-is for photography stuff. As things get posted, I'll break them out into more sortable categories like Photography > Tutorials.
Posted a bunch............. perfect for gpx tracks!
So… I occasionally find PDFs online that I think are interesting. Rather than making a general forum post, would it make sense to create a resource with the URL of the hosted file (I'd hesitate to download and rehost since it's not actually my content)?

If so, how would be want to classify that?
Hmmm... maybe like a useful links section? Or would it be better to have it in a section relevant to the content and then just link out?
Maybe it's fair to ask if anyone would actually contribute if there were such a section.
Maybe it's fair to ask if anyone would actually contribute if there were such a section.
Though I'm no expert, if I came across something that would be beneficial, I would happily contribute. I would definitely consume materials posted though.
Posting links would be fine. I would think posting the pdf would be fine as long as credit do is given. I'd guess that would work I'd think? but up to Nick to decide about other people's article's on that one ......Stuff is already on the net, wide open.
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