Nemo Astro Air Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Never used it before.

Are you a side sleeper? Do plan to use it in the winter/snow, or is it mainly for summer? Is weight more important than comfort, or vice-versa?

I use a thremarest neo-air x-therm and I absolutely love it. Super high R-value for winter, ultra lightweight, and pretty thick and comfy. I've never wanted a different pad, and I LOVE trying new gear, so that's saying something.
I'm a 3 season side sleeper. I actually came across this one while looking at the Thermarest, and several reviewers said they like this one better, and it's priced better.
A friend of mine says that he thinks the xtherm is build with too light a fabric. That is why I went with the neoair all-season. It is heavier due to the more robust nylon it is made with.
The material on the Xlite and I assume the Xtherm does indeed seem light, but it is amazingly durable. My XLite has probably suffered through more than any other inflatable pad I've owned without getting even a small leak. I use an All Season more often lately but only because I prefer the fully rectangular design that the current XLite lacks.
the xtherm has a thicker underside than an xlite, but even the xlite is surprisingly strong, especially given its weight.

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