Needles District Car Camping Suggestions


Apr 2, 2018
Hello everyone. We are planning a trip to Canyonlands in middle April and planning to car camp. All the Park designated camping spots are all ready reserved (other than walk up spots which we will try to get). I am not super familiar with the area, as this will be my first trip. Can anyone recommend some backup options? Really anywhere in the general area. Does not have to be specific to the Needles District. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
If you want amenities (hot shower, toilets, water, ice cream, etc), try The Needles Outpost. It’s a small, Private RV and tent campground just east of the entrance to the park. Or, if you want solitude, go with the camping that IntrepidXJ suggests. I think the folks to contact to learn more about camping along Lockhart would be the BLM office in Monticello, UT.