Need recommendations for Uintas this weekend


May 6, 2014
I have to call an audible on our trip this weekend, was planning on buck pasture up to Ejod. We've now got some younger hikers coming along, and I need a shorter trip.....I'm thinking 6-7 miles one way max. Suggestions are welcome, thinking about grandaddy/fern lake area - what do you think? Fishing is a must, streams and lakes, wouldn't mind an area with some sure thing fast fishing, with lakes that may hold a lunker nearby. Grandaddy would be perfect I think, except streams not open yet.

I'd like to say we are leaving friday afternoon and camping at trailhead....I doubt anyone will follow my instructions and be ready however, so likely leaving early sat morning, hiking out tuesday. Coming from Cache Valley, no place is out of reach, but southside east certainly a much longer drive.

thanks in advance for your help!
You could still do Buck Pasture, just not all the way to Ejod. West for of Blacks for has some fast fishing. Lakes up along the ridge west of there may have a lunker or two.
You could head from the Crystal Lake TH down toward Long Lake.
Highline Trail to Naturalist Basin
Kermseh Lake or Amythest Lake

There are trip reports on here for all of those areas.
Have fun!