Need a new video camera

Mar 18, 2014
So I recently left my old 3ccd hd camcorder outside one evening when it rained (a lot). And I immediately turned it on when I found it, thus shortcircuiting something in the circuit board and now it works, but only in photo mode. So my video capability is kaput. My DSLR doesn't do great video but is fine for photos. But I feel like I need another camcorder that is going to last me throughout the next wave of technology and keep my videos happy. My point and shoot camera also broke a year or so ago. I had a Panasonic LX-7 which took great video and photos. So I was using a combination of my DSLR (older Canon T3) and this camcorder for awhile. But carrying all of that hiking can get heavy.

Just a little background - I do make videos of almost all of my hikes and stuff that happens with my kids. So I am into preserving these memories at the best quality that I can, but I don't buy all the latest TVs and whatnot for my home to play them on. A simple HD LCD Tv is all we have (no 4K, etc.)

I've never considered a GoPro, but with my kids getting to be older and into more sports I was thinking that one may be fun to tinker with and get some different shots instead of my old standard pan and zoom techniques that get tiring. I just don't know what i'll do for landscape shots, since I don't think GoPro is knows for its zoom ( I could be wrong ).

So should I go with a newer camcorder or try out a GoPro or just get a small point and shoot camera with good video capability and knock out both needs in one go? I'm not really looking to spend much more than $500 on new video equipment right now.
Like you I try to shoot some video on all my hikes. I started out shooting with my Galaxy S6 with reasonable results. Next I moved on to an iPhone 6S using MoviePro which gave me more control. Both of these were decent but got to be more trouble than I wanted by the time I added a stabilizer gimbal. Also battery life was atrocious shooting in 4K.

Last fall I bought a Sony RX10 M4 which shoots very nice 4K. I found it to be a bit too bulky to shoot moving shots without a gimbal which would add too much weight to my gear. Not to mention they are not weather sealed in any way. I use this camera almost exclusively for stills on the trail.

Recently I took the plunge and bought a GoPro Hero 6 Black and am loving it... almost. It is very convenient because of its small form factor. When coupled with GoPro’s Shorty grip/tripod it’s small enough to slip in the front pocket of my hiking pants.

It has lots of video resolution/FPS options and the software stabilization works almost as well as a gimbal. It’s also completely water proof which is very nice for on the trail.

I said almost.. the only downside to the Hero 6 is the audio is mediocre and the external mic solution is a joke. On balance though I’m loving the camera.

Oh and it does have software zoom but not that great.

Here is a short vid shot in 2.7K/30FPS...

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I always thought a GoPro would be fun to take along on trips -- never knew how much I'd actually use it so it was difficult to justify the expense. Recently I was in Aldi's of all places (yes, the groceries type store) and came across the generic form of a GoPro for $50. I bought one just to test out/see if I'd like it, so far it is having more appeal than I thought. It comes with a waterproof case, a boxful of little brackets to attach to just about anything, two batteries and a charger, uses (and comes with) a Micro SD Card, it is light, and shoots 4K video at 25 fps. Not sure about zoom quality/capability. The included MSD Card is an 8GB, I purchased a larger size as 8GB holds about 15 min of 4K video.


I'm planning on taking it to Yellowstone in a couple weeks. I have not taken it on any trips yet and do not do much on social media but I did manage to take a video driving the FJ40 on field trails here at the farm:

Toyota FJ40 Farm Tour

It may not be exactly what you are looking for -- but maybe a low cost trial run to see if a GoPro is right for your situation.
Thanks for all of your suggestions! I've recently decided I just need a decent point and shoot camera ($500 or under) that shoots pretty great video and has a good zoom and stabilization. I don't need 4K video, although that's what all new cameras are going to. I've always used Panasonic Point and Shoot. I'm looking at the Lumix LX 10. Although I'm wondering if anyone has used a
Canon PowerShot SX720 HS or
Canon PowerShot G16

sorry for the huge type face. I copied these camera specifics from Amazon. Let me know your thoughts.
The G16 has really good ratings on the photog forums, in general. Canon has a beautiful colorspace.