My second mystery novel set in the High Sierra is now out!


Sep 30, 2014
Bones of the Earth, the second in my series of mystery novels set in the High Sierra and featuring ranger Dan Courtwright is now published. You can find it at the Napa Bookmine, the Mountain Bookstore in Sonora, and of course, you can always get these on Amazon:


Hope you enjoy the read!

It would seem that way...but once I get started, I like the characters so much that writing the book really is just managing to spend some time with them. And then the words just seem to come out. One of the things I love about hearing from people who have read these books is that they like the characters, too!
Congrats on the second book. I love the High Sierra but mostly read non-fiction. I just got "The Last Season" by Blehm after hearing about it years ago.
Funny, that, I read mostly non-fiction, too.

I wrote the first one of these a few years ago for my daughter, who was living abroad and complained about not having enough to read. OK, I thought, I've been telling you stories since you were a baby, I can tell you one more. And I wrote it about the Sierra because if I was going to spend hours and hours thinking about some place, it might as well be a place I love.

Well, she loved it. And so did her older sister, who wanted one of her own. So I wrote the second one, inviting the same characters to join me again. Now it's become a tradition, and I write a new one every holiday's kind of a Christmas gift for them each year.
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