My first published photo!


Oct 1, 2012
Hey everyone-I just got my first photo published, in the May 2013 Outdoor Photographer! To make it even sweeter, I got the featured spot! 5 photos are featured and honestly, I wouldn't have picked mine for the top spot (I like the other 4 better) but I'm not complaining! The issue isn't on the stands yet but it's on the web:

Pardon me while I celebrate! :dance:
broken link, but cool!

The OP website was down all weekend (hope I didn't crash it sending this link to everyone and their mother) but it's up again.

Thanks everyone!! I almost didn't submit this shot but threw it in last minute as a what-the-hell. It pays to say what the hell! :D
Iconic. Congrats, Laura! :)

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I received my Outdoor Photographer magazine in the mail today and was delighted to see your photograph. Congrats on your first publication and nicely done.
Thanks everyone :D~ I saw it for the first time on Saturday and I was just blown away-I had no idea I was going to get that kind of a feature. Outdoor Photographer was kind enough to send me the layout for the page for a souvenir, and here it is. I have been on one incredible high!!!


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