Mt Whitney Virtual Hike via Horseshoe Meadows & Mt Langley, Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park


Norwegian Xplorer
Apr 1, 2018
This is a first person virtual hike to the Summit of Mount Whitney from Horseshoe Meadows via Mt Langley, Miter Basin, Crabtree Meadow and Pass ending at Whitney Portal. A POV hike view of one of the most amazing trails in the world IMO, and part of the John Muir Trail and PCT. For those of you that want to hike this together with me on a treadmill or maybe those researching to secure permits for the 2021 season of the JMT, PCT or Mount Whitney Summit. Enjoy!

Mount Whitney virtual hike
Awesome video! I've never been anywhere even close to Mt. Whitney, so this is really cool to see so much of the route and the scenery. Looks like it was a beautiful time to be up there.