Mt Sherman summit hike


Oct 30, 2016
Had some fun with my friend Matt hiking up Mt Sherman Saturday. The hike is less than 4.5 miles roundtrip so not a whole lot to write about, but it's good clean outdoor fun and some nice scenery so I thought I'd drop a few more pics and a vid link:

Matt and I. Getting my money's worth out of the ghost whisperer. This was Matt's first attempt at a 14er.


Snowy from the start. Iowa Gulch trailhead sits at 12000 ft.


A headwall of cliffs east of the trail.


You say daunting, I say 'shortcut!'. This was a bit of off-trail misadventure that cost us an hour of a time and some wasted energy and probably kept Matt from summit'ing, though he doesn't think it made the difference. I took this near to the top of a climb to what looked like a notch that would save us a lot of talus hiking - but alas the notch was too icy to climb without any protection, so we had to down climb back to the trail.


Back on trail and rounding the bend up in to the gully that separates Mt Sherman and its 13er mate, Mt Sheridan.


Winds started to pick up and clouds started blowing in. Felt very much like winter had arrived when we reached the saddle between the two peaks.


I waited (hid) behind this cairn while Matt climbed up the slope. At this point he decided to throw in the towel and come back for Sherman after a winter of training. With 3/4 mile, 800 vertical feet to go I figured I'd take a run at it even though I was starting to worry about the wind.


This ridge line was my cause for concern with the high winds, but there's only a couple really exposed spots and the rest has enough rubble piled up to keep you from getting blown off the edge.


In case you were wondering, I survived! Fifth 14er in the bag - Mt Sherman, 14,036 ft.


So, so, so cold and windy. Thankfully my camera survived getting blown over and falling on to the rocks and ice. Here's a view around the summit:





Time to hike back, grab Matt, hit up PB in Leadville for some Oktoberfest wurst and beers.


Trip vid here:

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