Mt Naomi - Full Moon Hike


Jan 19, 2012
July 3

Instead of fighting all the idiots for a spot to watch the Logan fireworks this year a friend and I decided to hike Mt Naomi as it was the full moon! We didn't leave Logan until almost 10pm and got back to Logan just before 3am! It was an absolute blast! The moon lit up everything! It was so cool! We hiked the whole hike (6.6 miles) with out headlights/flashlights, except for a steep rocky section that was in the shadows (didn't want to roll an ankle). It was surprisingly warm up there too! My thermometer never got below 54!

I didn't take too many pictures until on top as I didn't want to hold up the group. Here are a few:

Cherry Peak from Mt Naomi

Group shot. I'm not sure what that light is on the horizon near the right side (fireworks?), it wasn't there in another photo taken at the same angle a few seconds earlier.

Looking north from Mt Naomi, Magog is barely visible on the right.
Naomi Panorama2.jpg

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May 5, 2012
Very cool, Naomi would be a great spot for night hiking as this shows.


Jan 19, 2012
Thanks everyone! It was a ton of fun! The Naomi trail was perfect for it as a lot of it is in the open! In August there are two full moons (Aug 1st and 31st)!
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