Moving down to Southern San Rafael Reef Wilderness for two more loop hikes April 13-14 2021

John Morrow

May 22, 2015
April 13:
David and I opted to head down to the reef for our last two days of hiking together, with summits, canyon narrows, and rock art in mind. So much to do down there.
We started at the Wildhorse Window TH and hiked up the reef passing the window to the top of Peak 6180'.

Wildhorse trailhead
by John Morrow, on Flickr

To window
by John Morrow, on Flickr

slaby walking
by John Morrow, on Flickr

views emerge
by John Morrow, on Flickr

Then we had a fun descending and re-ascending traverse to the next Peak to the west, Pk 6080'. Connecting the two took us through and across a neat little unnamed canyon that appears to split the reef, feasibly by non-technical walking.

Descending toward Wildhorse
by John Morrow, on Flickr

turning up canyon (view down)
by John Morrow, on Flickr

time to exit
by John Morrow, on Flickr

getting over the wingate
by John Morrow, on Flickr

On Peak 6080+
by John Morrow, on Flickr

Fun easy slope walking on the margin of the Kayenta and the Navajo led us intuitively descending back into Wildhorse Wash and out.

back into Wildhorse
by John Morrow, on Flickr

a bit of narrow
by John Morrow, on Flickr

Wildhorse wall
by John Morrow, on Flickr

April 14:

We did a nice, albeit a bit long, loop connecting Forgotten and Old Woman Wash by running behind the reef on great Chinle ledges. The Chinle meant lots of beautiful petrified wood and interesting mining history. No peaks today, imagine that....In part so we could remain convinced that we can have a complete and gorgeous day without needed to get on the top of something. Of course, the rock art was still quite extensive, interesting, and wonderful. Not having paid close attention to site beta, I know we missed a bunch too. Sometimes the canyon has to neither be Tall nor narrow to be beautiful

Up Forgotten:

Heading to Forgotten Canyon
by John Morrow, on Flickr

Into Forgotten
by John Morrow, on Flickr

by John Morrow, on Flickr

exit the narrows
by John Morrow, on Flickr

Next, up and around the Reef's backside:

out behind the Reef climbing
by John Morrow, on Flickr

Looking back south
by John Morrow, on Flickr

Old Woman Wash ahead
by John Morrow, on Flickr

More wood
by John Morrow, on Flickr

explore the slot
by John Morrow, on Flickr

turnaround spot
by John Morrow, on Flickr

out and traversing south side
by John Morrow, on Flickr

Heading down to mouth
by John Morrow, on Flickr

by John Morrow, on Flickr

canyon bottom ahead
by John Morrow, on Flickr

A more complete story can be told in the complete photo set found here:

Wildhorse peaks loop
by John Morrow, on Flickr

Forgotten-Old Woman Loop
by John Morrow, on Flickr
Love that petrified wood picture. So much fun finding that kind of stuff.
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