Mount Aire


Dec 23, 2013
My kids and I managed a hike up Mount Aire today. Since the gate to the upper portion of Millcreek Canyon is still closed, we decided to start at the Bowman Fork Trail Head and hike along the Pipeline Trail to the Mount Aire Trail Head.

When we arrived at the trail head it was drizzling a touch but after thirty minutes on the trail it had stopped and the sun popped out intermittently. The hiking was pretty easy along the Pipeline Trail though it did get muddier as we approached the Mount Aire Trail Head.

We took a quick break at the Mount Aire Trail Head before continuing on. It took us a little over and hour and a half to make it to the summit of Mount Aire. Once on top, we stopped and ate lunch before heading back down. We had originally planned to gain the Millcreek Ridge and follow it to the Bowman Fork Trail and then descending back to our vehicle, but my daughter was out of gas so we returned the same way we hiked up.

Round trip distance was approximately 10.2 miles and it took us six hours and ten minutes to complete, including lunch and a couple of breaks along the way. My lens hood wasn't screwed on all the way, which I didn't notice until I got home, so my images have some of the hood showing in opposite corners.


Pipeline Trail Sign

Kids on the Pipeline Trail

View from the Pipeline Trail

Mount Raymond


Elbow Fork - location of Mount Aire Trail Head


Scatman at the trail head to Mount Aire


Hiking through aspen

Looking up at the top of Mount Aire from the saddle

Horned toad next to the trail

- I-80 heading east


Grandeur Peak to the west along the Millcreek Ridge

Millcreek Ridge with Murdock and Milvue Peaks to the east - viewed from the top of Mount Aire

Wildcat Ridge - viewed from the top of Mount Aire

The three stooges on top

Nice view on the way down.

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Life really is better Here
Apr 20, 2013
I need to make it farther north than Neff's canyon... It has been too long since I have been up anything by Millcreek.

Getting kids out is the best. Early Memorial day morning I was greeted with a scowl, but I still got the 11 year old daughter to hit Bells Canyon with me at 6am.


Jul 5, 2014
Nice report Hugh. That view of the Wildcat ridge from the top of Mt Aire is phenomenal. Those snow dusted peaks are absolutely beautiful.


Dec 23, 2013
@Ugly - 6 am is pretty impressive. I didn't get my kids up until 7:30 am and we didn't hit the trail until 9:00 am.

@Vegan.Hiker - At this time last year I was hiking across Wildcat Ridge with some members from the local mountain club. I kept an eye out this year to see if they were going to do it again but the hike never showed up on their calendar. I think the ridge has a touch more snow on it at this point in May than it did last year when I went across.


Life really is better Here
Apr 20, 2013
It was much easier to get her up before I got her a clock.
Previously the conversation was this: "Let's go", "What time is it?", "Time to go," (530am) "Grr" or other grouchy sounds, but then she would soon be out shoes in hand. Even now, for the first hour or so, all I get are angry looks, but once the sun finally rises she will start turning cartwheels down the trail.
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