More Than Just Parks series: #6 Zion NP

Dec 27, 2015
While it's colder than a witch's tiiii....iiinfoil covered ice cube tray... out here, I'm seriously jonesing for some warmer weather and fantasizing about spring/summer backpacking trips, and watching me some backpacking porn.

I've been enjoying these short little 'MoreThanJustParks' videos being made by a couple of brothers for all 59 National Parks in the US. Their newest one (link below) is Zion NP; they have previously done videos for Olympic, Acadia, Great Smoky Mtns, Joshua Tree, and Redwoods.

If you enjoy these, you could check out the similar vids I saw a year or two ago for Yosemite (I think it's called The Yosemite Project or something like that).

Dec 27, 2015
Hey board admins - I wasn't sure whether this was appropriate (or allowed), or whether I was supposed to post a vid link here (not sure what that does to board bandwidth). Let me know if this is not kosher. --LG


Aug 9, 2007
That was awesome! And in 4k no less. I love how that is catching on more and more. Thanks for posting.

Hey board admins - I wasn't sure whether this was appropriate (or allowed), or whether I was supposed to post a vid link here (not sure what that does to board bandwidth). Let me know if this is not kosher. --LG

All good man. Post as much video, audio, photos as you like. And check out the cinemascapes thread if you want to get really distracted watching some eco porn.
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