Moonshine Wash [Video]


Feb 23, 2012
My family and I went and hiked Moonshine Wash this last weekend. We read mixed results about hiking it with children, but I would definitely rate it kid friendly. As we hiked down the canyon, I was a little nervous about our kids scrambling back out, but they climbed out on their own and loved it.

Near the beginning of the canyon:



This canyon had lots of fun (but fairly simple) scrambling:


Under the sheep bridge:


One of our favorite parts of the canyon:

This is where I would suggest turning back around:

My youngest scrambling back out:



Because I am able.
Dec 31, 2017
Seems like your kiddos can handle anything!
Are the matching shirts significant?? Family trail name? Haha

Thanks for the share!


Mar 31, 2016
Love the photos!! Especially the one with everyone going through the slot & one of your children pointing up ...
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