Monument Rally in Salt Lake this Saturday


Aug 9, 2007
This has been mentioned in other threads, but I wanted to post one just for this event so that everyone who may want to attend has the chance.

There will be a large pro-Monument rally at the Utah State Capitol on Saturday, December 2nd at 1PM to protest the impending actions by the Trump Administration to drastically reduce the size of Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears National Monument. If you can make the time, please come out and show the media and our leaders that what happens matters. More info on this event posting on Facebook:

From FB:

PLEASE NOTE: The rally has been moved outside to the south steps of the Capitol (instead of the rotunda). Check forecast and dress appropriately.

President Trump announced he is coming to Utah in early December. His stated intent is to eliminate vast portions of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. He may also act to reduce other monuments around the country at that time.

This action is illegal, unwarranted, and dismisses the more than 2.8 million people that petitioned President Trump to keep our national monuments fully intact. It is also an affront to Native American Tribes.

Join fellow Utahns on December 2nd to resist Trump’s efforts to dismantle our national monuments. Let’s send a clear and visible message that we intend to “Honor Tribes” and defend the priceless scientific, cultural, and ecological legacies these monuments represent.

Bring your #SaveGrandStaircase and #StandWithBearsEars signs and wear your “Protect Bears Ears” and “I Stand with Grand Staircase-Escalante” t-shirts. If you don’t have signs, pick them up at Wasatch Touring (700 E 100 S), at the event, or make your own. T-shirts are sold at Wasatch Touring and at the event.

Please share this event widely! Bring family and friends! Let’s make a statement by standing together as Utahns and Tribal Nations.

To volunteer at the rally:

Questions: (385) 202-4954, (801)-631-1384 or email

***There will also be a Street Protest when Trump is in Salt Lake City on Dec. 4. Sign up for text alerts reminding you about the December 2 Rally and also informing you about where to go to protest: Text key word UTAH to 52886 OR click here:
If I weren't between jobs right now I'd be there. I'll try and see if there's anyone that would let me tag long to avoid the hundred bucks or whatever in gas.

Whether we live on the Colorado Plateau or in Brooklynn each and every acre of our Federal Lands belongs to each and every American in equal measure. We cannot and will not let special interests like the deeitful resource extraction industry disenfranchise the more than 300,000,000 of us that hold title to these lands. Remember, to become a state Utah and other western states never had title to these Federal Lands and FOREVER ceded the possibility of attaining title to these lands in their state constitutions.

Let Freedom Ring. For Everyone.