Montana's Bitterroot Mountains: Bass Creek


Onward and upward
Aug 20, 2016
Here is my first trip of 2017. First weekend of June, high water runoff, creek crossings were challenging. Had to carry a 100+ lb german shepherd across because she wouldn't cross on her own. Original intentions were to a small side lake called Lappi Lake. However, one of the folk coming along started to get sick rather quick, so we decided to camp a bit off trail in an awesome avalanche chute area that opened up the woods for some decent views. Tiny thunderstorm came through right at sunset, and the tail end of it was lit up with some awesome colors. This was my first attempt at making a film of a trip, and as you can tell I made the amateur mistake of filming with my phone vertically rather than horizontally. Oh well, live and learn. Have a pretty awesome 3 day 2 night trip planned in the Bitterroots for 4th of July weekend, where we get to hike all the way back into Idaho, and come back out a different drainage. Anyway, here is the map, photos, and video.

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The creeks were high and swift, pretty cool you carried her across that.

Mistake or not, I sometimes rather like some stuff in portrait. Those skies were awesome.