Moab, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP. May 2017

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    Another jaw-dropping region of the USA... Travelling through Arches NP.....I almost felt like I was on Mars at times... The rock formations are just unbelievable. This area must be visited if you want to be in full photographs cannot come close to doing their grandeur justice! I camped under the watchful eye of Castleton tower(where a fox had circled my tent in the middle of the night), and in hunter canyon, where I woke up to a swarm of bats dutifully keeping the area around me free of insects at first light. I met a beautiful rattlesnake, and many, many lizards of the region.

    The colors.... The colors.... Just... Wow.

    Will go back next year to hike more of the region... Priest and nuns and castleton tower.jpg Campsite at Castleton tower.jpg Canyonlands overlook.jpg Mt. Tukunikivatz.jpg Moab birthing rock petroglyphs.jpg Moab birthing rock petroglyphs 2.jpg Mesa arch canyonlands.jpg Arches NP midget faded rattlesnake.jpg Arches NP the delicate arch.jpg Beautiful view at arches NP.jpg Double arch.jpg Sand dune arch.jpg Dwarfing the humans.jpg Underneath double arch.jpg Balanced rock.jpg
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    Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.

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    Going there this weekend! can't wait.
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    Have fun!!!!

    p.s. Get to Arches early, and high tail it straight to the delicate arch trail to beat the crowd to the delicate arch, and enjoy it in solitude for a bit. For food...Eklecticafe is an amazing spot for breakfast, the Spoke on Center is excellent for sandwiches and salads for lunch, and Zax has excellent pizza! :) Just a few tips for you! I can't wait to go back myself and explore even more!