Missing camera


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Sep 25, 2020
Greetings everyone - I forgot my camera up at the big sandy trailhead yesterday morning. It is in a black case with a purple strap. Has anyone seen it by any chance? Would love to get it back.


Dec 23, 2018
Many years ago, I hiked to the top of Nevada falls and back in Yosemite and realized I didn't have my camera just before getting on the shuttle. I remembered the last spot I'd taken photos of near the base of Vernal falls. It was July and screaming hot but I mustered the energy to head back up the trail to the last spot I remembered stopping at. Hoping to get lucky (and not die of heat stroke) I randomly asked people coming down if they had found a camera but all said no. When I finally got to the spot, no camera was to be found. I was feeling really dejected because it was the next to last day of my vacation so ALL of my photos were on it. I got on the shuttle and stopped to report it at the lost and found and low and behold, someone had already turned it in. If, by chance, it was someone on this board, thank you and, if not, thanks to whoever that person was!
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