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Sep 23, 2016
Now as of late have been watching and listening to videos online by David Paulides on people who became missing in the various National Parks or other areas here in the western US and elsewhere. He has a whole series entitled 'Missing 411'. It is very interesting. Some really unusual circumstances. Does anyone here have opinions on this or some unusual experience like this to share. Would love to hear it! Now as for myself, am now 65 and have been wandering in the wilds since about when I was only 21 years old. In all of this time I have never been lost, have never seen a sasquatch, or have never had some extremely unusual paranormal experience. Now only once was I turned around but I knew where I wasI Have had many a close encounter to some grizzly or a wolf. In some of my experiences, in case the bear had done me in, I would have become indeed a missing person since I was soooo far back in the wilds where hardly anybody went. But these missing persons reports are really interesting. If you have anything to share on this then would love to hear it. And personally all of my adult life, this is what I have craved is getting wayyy back into some deep wild place where one can be by their lonesome.

Now in the movie the The Mountain Men ... I remember one of them saying how they had never been lost but were mightily confused for a month or two.

Wishing Everyone the Best!
Paulides has been proved a con as per his supposed law enforcement background. Just do an Internet search. He's a sensationalist. Anything to sell books.

One quick look came up with this from Wiki:

Reporter Sarah Emerson, attempted to verify the details of Paulides’ law enforcement and investigative background, but was unable to do so. While working as a court liaison officer in December 1996, Paulides was charged with a misdemeanor count of falsely soliciting for a charity, and was subsequently removed from his position with the San Jose police.
Now are these cases he talks about then true or false? They are interesting to say the least.
I have noticed that he talks about missing cases then never bothers to follow up when they're found, which some are.

Also, he talks about how mysterious it is for people to take off all their clothes and leave them neatly folded etc., which is simply a symptom of hypothermia (your body shuts down the blood flow to the extremities to preserve the internal organs, which makes clothing feel like your skin's on fire).

If you can't trust him on all of them, then what can you trust him on? He has a bad rep in the Bigfooter community, which says a lot, as it's hard to get a bad rep there. I personally wouldn't believe anything he writes, but a lot of poeple love mystery, even when it doesn't exist. And superstition. Go read some of the reviews of his books.
Now just one thing that I have noticed of him ... he seems to have some Flatlander type of attitudes. As I call it. Now I have gone wayyyy back into the deep wilds, never have had anything in the least paranormal ever ever ever happening. And when in the very deep wilds, it is the best thing ever. Then that was the times when have stared into the eyes of some Grizzly which became the best experience ever in my life. Bears, Wolves, and Lions ... O YES! But just listening to him, do get a feel that he is one that does not go much into the very very deep wilds or have those sentiments to experience such it seems. It is very fear mongering it seems. He talks of these few cases, but of those areas he talks on ... how many people go into those areas in any given year ... multitudes of people. Have never listened to him before. It seems in this modern day and age, just how many have that flat lander attitude and actually are afraid of the deep wilds.

Just do know that when I was bluff charged by a Grizzly back in 2006, that if it had been different, then no one would of heard of me again or seen any trace of me again for it was soooo far back in the boonies away from everything.
He sells fear. It makes people afraid to go into the wilds, which is really where we all came from and belong. This in turn breeds mental illness. Fear of the unknown is common with urban folks who never get out of the cities. Some do, and they're in a different category.

And I will say that of all people, if there were such things as Bigfoot and weird stuff going on, you would know. I mean, truly of ALL people, YOU would have encountered it at some point or another.

What bothers me is when people like Action Jackson talk about seeing Bigfoot. It really undermines his credibility. It's just folklore, like all the lake monsters and such.
Now have heard Bob Jackson 's Bigfoot stories. Now I will not dismiss of something out there which we might not have catalogued and such. But as for myself, the Deep Back Wilds are where it is at, and not in our freaking modern society. Yes he sells fear! Personally I trust grizzlies and Wolves more then most people for they do not stab me in the back.

And just in case Bigfoot is actually out there, then those Bigfoot might have more common sense then some of those freaking idiots now days that are in our modern big cities in my opinion.
I try to have an open mind and would love to see Bigfoot. I've spent a lot of time in the wilds, and have never seen anything strange, other than hikers who've been out too long.
In addition to other outdoor activities, I've been involved with wilderness search and rescue in Southern Arizona since 2002. SAR missions have you hiking in places, times, and weather that aren't of your choosing. I've seen some weird things in my nearly 700 missions, but nothing "mysterious" or unexplainable. We've had a number of people go missing in our area that have never been located (or their remains are eventually located years later), but to @Kmatjhwy 's point, if something happens to you off trail in the backcountry and you die, the odd's aren't great that you'll be located. There's just too much there out there.
Thanks for replying Jholmes! So you have been involved in Search and Rescue ... Cool! Best To You on This! There is some real rugged country in places there in Southern Arizona. Yes indeed there is still so much country out there. Wishing You the Best!
lol ....... Should always know the way you came from......

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