Millville Face burns, yet again.


Nov 28, 2012
At some point early Sunday morning we must have had a good lightning storm it Cache Valley. The thunder woke me a few times in the early hours . I didn't think much of it, back to sleep I went. I pulled out of the driveway heading to church yesterday morning, as I pulling into the road, All I could see were smoke plums filled the sky.

Here are a few shots I took later in the afternoon.

From what the news was saying, two strikes hit the Millville face. They merged into one big fire by Sunday morning. By Sunday night, they had most of it out.
Here is another.......from the top looking westMilville fire.jpg :
Got back from Milville fire, some pics:

Milville 1.jpgMilville 2.jpgMilville 3.jpgMilville 4.jpg
Ever wonder what its like to get a retardant drop on a wildland fire :

A SEAT drop:

Milville Fire, Utah

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