Mesa Arch Sunrise!


Aug 9, 2007
I hit Mesa Arch for sunrise a few hours before busting up my ankle over the weekend (trip report coming soon). Thought I'd post a shot of it. The light show on that arch is surreal to watch. This shot is almost completely straight out of the camera. All I did was sharpen a bit and straighten it.

Thanks. Wish you could have joined us. Probably wouldn't have jacked up my ankle because I would have been too busy chasing you up the trail.
The first time I was there with my brother and his partner, we drove out from Moab. I think we got up at about 4 am to get there for the sunrise. When we reached the parking lot, the sight of two big tour buses made us anxious. As we got near the end of the quarter mile walk out to the arch, our fears were confirmed as there were about 100 Chinese tourists arranged 3 or 4 rows deep, right in front of the arch. Walter tried to reason with them, but they didn't understand English I guess. Anyway, as the sun peeked over the mountains, they all took a pictures with their point-and-shoots and immediately left to go back to the buses. Soon we had the place for ourselves and one other photographer. The best light was yet to come. We got some good shots.