Meet the BCP Team


Aug 9, 2007
I want to take a minute to introduce and thank the BCP moderator team. We haven't really had a moderator team prior to a couple months ago so I guess this might be news to a lot of you. Anyway, huge thanks to @Ben, @Dave, @Jackson and @Perry for stepping up and helping out as moderators and site maintainers. These guys have been doing a stellar job of featuring and tagging trip reports as well as killing the occasional bit of spam that pops up around here. Fortunately, we don't have a lot of drama around here so that's usually the extent of it.

On behalf of the community, thanks so much guys.
I forgot to add stainless steel, which I'm sure will really amp up the drama for the s.s. fans.
I like the way Mod Perry tries to stop the drama before it even gets going. He's on it for sure. :)

But I personally think people who eat stuff you need a spork for are practicing an unhealthy lifestyle and shouldn't be out on the trail - bad examples that will eventually lead to everything getting shut down. We should all eat gorp. After all, have you ever seen an animal out in nature eat with a spork? If we were meant to have sporks, we'd have sporks naturally somehow, not from REI or whatevs.
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We need to create some drama so these guys can stay busy.

Hows about a debate on aluminum versus titanium sporks?

I’ll play along….

I agree with Ben none of the above in regards to sporks/spoons, but I like to say use your digits of choice as to be inclusive of people missing fingers. Kind of insensitive/arrogant to assume everyone has fingers. Saving the weight is nice since I can carry my firearm as bear spray is completely ineffective. It helps that global warming has made it so I no longer need my microspikes too.

Thanks Obama….


Seriously though, thanks guys!
Could you hand me my foon, s'il vous plait?

Because that's how the French say phone (at least according to Peter Sellers in the old Pink Panther movies).

The first four Pink Panther movies - The Pink Panther, A Shot in the Dark, Return of the Pink Panther and The Pink Panther Strikes Again are comedic gems. In Return of the Pink Panther where Clouseau is undercover, cleaning a hotel room and every time he passes by a lamp, the bulb pops up in the air, so he finally sticks his finger in the lamp socket and it electrocutes him. When he reappears from behind the bed/couch the light bulb is shining brightly in his hand and his hair is smoking and he has this not sure what happened to him expression on his face is to die for. When I was a kid, my older brother took me to see this movie at the theater and I almost wet my pants during this scene because I was laughing so hard. Pure Gold! Thanks for jogging my memory.

I was wondering why @Ben changed his username to Sherrif Ben and why @Jackson started telling everyone to tone it down. Joking aside, perfect group to hold the fort down.

So if @Ben is a Sheriff, can he deputize other members? Deputy Scatman has a nice ring to it don't you think? What kind of authority do you think I'd have in the backcountry? :sneaky:

@Perry - I'm calling dibs on the chimpanzee for my next backpacking trip. If he/she can pull out enough ants/termites for two, for five days then it's going. :) Of course it would have to be quiet along the trail so as not to disturb potential wildlife sightings.
Deputy Scatman - yes, it has the ring of authority. :dance:

Be careful, Ben (hums the song "I Shot the Sheriff")...

But hey, where are the mods? This thread is deteriorating significantly - I mean, the Pink Panther, chimps, members wanting their money back...