Maine/NH Paddling Advice


Feb 23, 2017
Hey all,

DW and I are seeking to get off the trail for a bit and try some paddling in New England. I know there's only a smattering of Northeasterners here, but info on wilderness paddle itineraries is surprisingly difficult to find, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Here's our parameters:

- Beginner friendly. I've only been on one 3 day canoe trip.
-3-5 days
-Ideally in NH/ME/VT. We are meeting some friends in NH after, so ADK is out.
-Outfitters/Shuttles can be hired

Appreciate any help that can be offered.



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In Maine perhaps a section of the Allagash. Or look into Flagstaff Lake, it’s not too far from Rangeley and I believe it’s on the North Forest Canoe trail. There is a map of the lake with the campsites noted but I’m not sure how you can access the map, maybe through the Maine version of the DEC. I’ll see if I can find a link.
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