Low budget high value backpacking tent?

Mar 17, 2014
Does anyone one have any experience with the kelty grand mesa 2 tent? If so I would really like to hear your experiences with the tent cause I'm thinking about picking one up for backpacking and camping.


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I've never used it but it looks like decent weight for such a low price. The biggest negative I see is the front entry. I've come to really appreciate side doors and double vestibules (such as on the Copper Spur UL2).
Oh ok good point, I've just been looking for a low budget backpacking tent with great value, could u recommend and others?

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Not sure if this helps. But I just picked up the kelty TN2. Part of their new trail logic system. The tent is really spectacular. In dry weather it's entirely
Open and allows a big free view of the sky for that under the stars experience and in case the weather deteriorates it took about 10 seconds for 2 people to lower the rainfly without ever getting out of out bags. Unzip the door. In clip the retaining strap. Let it fall. Clip te bottom and zip te vestibule closed. And the winds picked up to atleast 20knot gusts and it was very stable. It's a bit pricey at 250. But packed it's 11x14x3. But I found it's much smaller than that. I have a packing cube (REI brand that's expandable). That's 12x9x3. And once inside the compression zipper collapses it to about 2" tight. Getting it to fit well inside my pack was a big seller. I'm a bit OCD and don't do well with sleeping pads and tents hanging over the side.
I have the Grand Mesa 2. I like it well enough as a solo tent. As @Nick mentioned, the front entry might be a con. It's cramped to the point of being uncomfortable with two full-sized men. For the price, I'm pleased with it. If I were shopping today, I'd go for something with side entry/larger vestibules.
I'm looking for a backpacking tent around 100 dollars, 2 person and below 5 pounds

Any suggestions? Thanks

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I merged the last post with the thread about the Kelty tent since it's really the same topic.

As for what you're looking for, I'd suggest the clearance rack or a site like Sierra Trading Post with one of their easy to get coupons. Pretty sure I have some codes kicking around if needed. You probably won't be able to get super picky with the desired specs, but in that case it shouldn't be too hard to come by.
Okay maybe you could some of those coupon codes, that would be well appreciated

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I have a 2 man that is not free standing and a 3 man that is. That free standing can sure come in handy when used on slickrock. The 2 man actually fits 2. the 3 man does not fit 3, but it is free standing. The 2 man has one entrance at the feet. the 3 man has two side entrances with two vestibules. Kelty Zen is the two and the 3 is an Alps brand. I really enjoy having two side entrances with the two vestibules, like Nick. The Kelty on the other hand has great service. I broke a tent pole, called and asked them about it....and they sent me a new one. I was impressed and they told me they want kelty owners to have their tents for life.

Just some ramblings that might help. And to complicate it even more.....I have noticed that some BCP members like using hammocks. I have been looking into those too.
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I have noticed that some BCP members like using hammocks. I have been looking into those too.

I've loved my ENO Reactor so far but I consider it a tent supplement, not replacement.
My friend has the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2. It's 4lbs 12oz. They just redesigned it and made it a side entry. His only gripe about his was that it was head entry.
Does anyone one have any experience with the kelty grand mesa 2 tent? If so I would really like to hear your experiences with the tent cause I'm thinking about picking one up for backpacking and camping.


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A buddy of mine has one and it's a good tent. I have the Eureka Mid. II and like it as well and is very similar. After seeing them both I was glad I got the Eureka (no specific reason other than it seemed to have a little more room. Diddo on most of the other posts. You may try a second hand tent like mountain hard wear of north face on eBay.
Ok thanks, how bout the mountainsmith Morrison 2

Just picked up a Mountainsmith Celestial, which is the old name for the Morrison 2, for an upcoming backpacking trip. So far I am pretty impressed with the quality for the price I paid...and it's very roomy for 2 people who are pretty tall, too! Not quite as light as other more expensive options, but not too heavy, either.
I love my ALPS Chaos 3 - I think I paid $139 - large bilateral vestibules & doors, plenty of pockets on the inside, good vertical height inside, has kept me dry in rain & snow. I don't think they make the 3 man anymore, only the 2. Tent, poles, fly & tarp around 5lbs, I believe.
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