Lost Creek Wilderness, Goose Creek to Shaft House.


Dec 30, 2015
Got out again for an overnighter in Lost Creek Wilderness. This was part of a meetup group trip, so there was about 10 of us. Beautiful weather, in the 70's Saturday afternoon, some light rain showers in the evening and a cool Sunday morning to hike out. The trail is about 4.5 mile in, the total elevation gain is only about 500ft, but the cumulative is 1,600ft, lots of ups and downs. Was good for building the legs for my upcoming trips. The Shaft house is a historic site where they were going to try and damn up lost creek, but it didn't work. What's left is a couple of buildings that were bunk houses for the workers.
Loved this area and may go back for Memorial day with Duncan to do a 20 mile loop over the holiday weekend.












Oct 30, 2016
How was the mud? We hit the Eagle's Nest Wilderness over by Frisco this weekend and there were still spots I was postholing through and frozen lakes even below 10000 feet. Nearly every trail section that wasn't snow was mud or a wannabe creek, lol.


Feet on the ground, head in the clouds
Apr 11, 2012
It has been pretty dry around Boulder and I hiked near Estes Park on Saturday. It was pretty dry as well.

Still waiting for Winter Park to dry up, I camp and hike around there most weekends all summer.


Dec 30, 2015
How was the mud? We hit the Eagle's Nest Wilderness over by Frisco this weekend and there were still spots I was postholing through and frozen lakes even below 10000 feet. Nearly every trail section that wasn't snow was mud or a wannabe creek, lol.

It was completely dry, not even a hint of mud.
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