Looking for good hike away from people in Sedona in mid-February

Benjamin Hayden

New Member
Jan 7, 2018
Hi all,
I'm looking for a hike suggestion in Sedona AZ for mid-February. I will be there for a long weekend, and I can get away for one day (either Friday or Saturday). I have plenty of experience with multi-night backpacking in southern Utah canyon country, but haven't been south of the Grand Canyon before. I basically want something a little more ambitious than the kind of 2-mile out and back hikes the websites recommend - I was thinking more like 8-10+ miles. Kelsey's book lists three interesting hikes nearby but they all require wetsuits this time of year and... that's somewhat too advanced for me. I will have a car and am willing to drive an hour+ if need be. Also hoping to avoid too many crowds - not clear to me how popular Sedona is in February, but the weather is much milder than here in Minnesota, so I'm pretty excited to be there.
Sycamore canyon.
Check your private message box- I just send you some suggestions :)