Looking at buying a used travel trailer opinions wanted.


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Mar 15, 2018
I have a question, I'm looking at a travel trailer I'm not sure if this is worth it at this price I would go and take a look at it and visually inspect it obviously but it has a restroom an AC and a bad those are the things that I guess are important to me, but of course I don't want something that is falling apart so I will go take a look at it and make sure everything is in working order and it is visually appealing but do you guys think it is worth the money?

The lady is asking $1600 and it has a clear title.

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I'm not a camper aficionado by any stretch but every time I see one of those Casitas, they grab my attention. If it's in good shape or better, I would have a difficult time resisting.

My wife picked up a used homemade teardrop last fall, and although I am more of a tent guy, it is really nice when the weather is crappy.
I've owned several travel trailers, and if I was in the market for that type of trailer I'd jump all over it at that price assuming it didn't need any/much work. Smaller trailers seem to have jumped up a lot in value the last few years, and even if that was in so-so condition it seems worth it (I'm sure there are websites that can tell you for reals though, instead of taking my word for it). I paid $7K for my 2002 24-footer several years ago and I'm sure it's depreciated since then, but these little ones seem to be holding value recently. $1.6K sounds good to me.

One thing I'd caution about, though, is that it would be better if you're handy if you own any sort of travel trailer. Either that, or have enough disposable income to get little things fixed for a big markup at the stealership. Although I've owned mostly lower-end RVs, things like water lines, ceiling vents, minor electrical issues, and winterizing can all be time- and/or $$$-consuming depending on whether you're able to work on them yourself or pay someone else.
I was a mechanic and engine rebuilder for 30 years I don't think I would have a problem working on it I just wonder if it's worth the money.

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Like Udink said, that’s a steal at $1600. I wonder if there’s a Casita-focused website that you could tap into to get opinions and advice from actual owners? Ditto what Udink said about maintenance, unfortunately.
If you can tow it, at that price its a steal if the interior is in somewhat fair condition!
I've been passively looking at https://www.fiberglass-rv-4sale.com/ for a couple years. It would be easier to get my kids out with something like that.

The fiberglass shell's don't disintegrate like the more common rv's, and really hold their value. As long as there isn't something incredibly wrong with that trailer, 1600 is a steel. I mean, ahem...cough...it's terrible, let me buy it.
I've owned 3 Casitas and that has to be a scam. Tread carefully. A trailer that age in decent condition should start around 8k or more, exp. since RVs are a big thing right now (virus safety). There are several Casita websites, look at them, ask, be careful. Casitas are hot items and scammers love them. That looks much newer than a 2001, just sayin'.
About a year and a half ago I bought a casita older than that, and that required a bit of work and it was quite a bit more expensive than that, but still considered a good deal.

There are a lot of scams that occur with fiberglass RVs.

As far as more specific sites I recommend the fiberlassrvforum.
another good website for used fiberglass trailers, u can see other casitas to get a reference point. I am personally looking for escape 15 or 17, see if sth decent shows up. casitas(and scamp?) carpet interior just offends me, for some reason. :)
I had a nice Escape 17', bought direct from Escape in Canada. Loved that trailer and sometimes regret selling it, top quality, but I decided I didn't like pulling a trailer and got a 1997 Tiger. I've had 3 Casitas, a Burro, an Aliner and Chalet, and a cargo trailer. Took me 7 tries before I decided to get out of the trailer biz. I'm a slow learner. :) But when all is said and done, I prefer a tent. You're lightweight and flexible and carefree. I drove to AK a couple of years ago with just my tent and loved the freedom. But high winds and bad weather get tiresome. I just gave my Tiger to a family member and am going back to tent camping as soon as my house lease is up (end of June). If I got another trailer, it would be an ALiner or Chalet, very easy to tow and yet hardsided.
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Maybe they omitted a 0 when typing the price. Could they actually be asking $16k?
Used smaller FG trailers are a hot item, so that price may be a steal as long as it isn't completely decrepit. I have two friends who have both been looking for reasonably priced used Bolers or something similar for a couple of years now, with no luck even though they are willing to buy fixer-uppers. Boler is a defunct Canadian brand with a cult following, now apparently back in production under the Armadillo name.