location of thirteen faces-horse canyon Utah


Mar 27, 2022
Hi all. I will be going to try and find the Thirteen Faces pictograph up Horse Canyon in the Needles District in Canyonlands Utah. It will be a 4x4 drive up a very sandy road. I have conflicting waypoins to assist me in my endeavor on Google Earth and other websites showing waypoints for Thirteen Faces. So I am hoping someone on this great site can assist.

So if any of you fine folks have info to help me in locating this pictograph panel can you be so kind as to reply. If you found the panel did you place a waypoint? Is the panel located near the wash I will have to hike up or more on the canyon wall? Is the Panel located on the right or left side of the wash I will be walking up? Even if you have done any research yourself but have not been there can you please share that info with me?

I have tried several times to locate this panel but was not successful. Any info you can provide is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
You're not the first to come here asking for help finding a panel. The general consensus here is it's best to discover it yourself, as that's part of the adventure. And, many here prefer not to publicly discuss such sites, given the amount of vandalism these days (not implying you would do that, but someone else might read the directions and destroy it). Best of luck and have fun - keep looking!
There are so many guidebooks with this info in them. Some say its 'gatekeeping' but I am vehemently against posting GPS coordinates of archeological sites online. Its a leave no trace ethic that is one of the most important to follow. That is how you get a site trashed and disrespected.

Thank you to the other user who PMed and didnt post this in the forum.
I certaintly understand and I believe that there should be no public info given to sensitive sites on this forum...you nevsr know. The best way to go is person to person with a private message, private email, and even a personal telephone call to keep such data secure. I do want to say that my experience with this site is that the members are all respectful of archeological sites and sensitive to sharing on public sites or forums.