Little Death Hollow Backpack


Feb 13, 2021
Hello all,

We are planning a 2 night backpack Apr 21-23, 2023 doing a loop coming out Wolverine. Any tips on how to go cross country out of Wolverine back to our one car at Little Death Hollow TH. Trying to avoid walking on the road from Wolverine TH. Any feedback on making this route?
You might consider coming out along the west side of Little Bown Bench rather than coming all the way out Wolverine. You will have seen the best parts of Wolverine in the lower half and you won't have much road walking back to Little Death Hollow TH. The upper section of Wolverine is unremarkable compared to what you will have just finished except for all the awesome petrified trees, which are plentiful within a mile or so of the trailhead if you wanted to do a short drive/hike at the end of your loop to check those out.
Two things:

1) I highly recommend exploring the petrified trees in Wolverine, whether you backpack through them or do a separate short out-and-back. They are fantastic.

2) When we were there a year ago, one person in our group was a runner. On the first morning, he dropped us and his pack off at the Little Death Hollow TH, drove the Jeep back to Wolverine TH, and then jogged from Wolverine to LDH. Then we started the hike together. At the end, we were so happy to have the car waiting for us at Wolverine. Any chance someone in your group would do the same?

Hope you have a great time. We loved these canyons!
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