Lightning Strike near Yellowstone

That's so terrible. Must be horrible to be a NOLS group leader that has something like that happen on their trip too.

Not a lot of trees around Enos Lake since the 1988 fires. Sure wouldn't want to be there in a thunderstorm.
what a tragedy. looks like a lovely spot to hang out at!!
I was just there a few weeks ago, beautiful area but really exposed due to the past fire. We had talked to part of a different NOLS group the day before.

I'm surprised that NOLS would have a large group camp up there as their visual impact would be huge.

Tragic nonetheless.
Sad, can be dangerous in high country ....

On another note....
Nols camps large groups of 10 or 12 all over.... Always thought that was contrary to wilderness etiquette
Now have been to Enos Lake and the area many a time thru the years. So Sad!!!! But do wonder at times about these large groups of people in the wilderness. Now even in a big storm, there would be ways to shelter. And one can always see a storm coming and take precautions if necessary. Again soooo sad and do wonder on the circumstances behind this event.

Now here are several photos of Enos Lake with the first one of Enos Lake taken in 1986 before the high attitude tornado that went thru the area in 1987 and the fires in 1988. And then several photos afterwards in the green of summer some years ago.

Enos Lake from 1986


Enos Lake a few years ago ... One of Two and then Two for Two

Now here is the second of the two ... have had some posting issues.


Wishing Everyone the Best!
Tragic story. Setting up in open meadow in afternoon thunderstorm season seems like a big risk. From photos, not the highest point around either. Recalls another sad accident with a outdoor training school in GTNP - teenager killed by a falling tree. Group was hanging bear bags in a very tall dead tree while she was tending camp.