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Jul 12, 2016

I am regularily hiking in the alps with campsites (wild camping) from 1700m (~5500ft) to 2500m (~8000ft) in elevation.

I use a quite good 3P tent from a sports discounter (Decathlon) that I am very happy with for 2 person use.

However when I am alone I need a lighter tent. And as I am going to the US in october I thought of getting one there, supposedly outdoor equipment is cheaper there?

Any tips on a tent with the following requirements:
1) should sleep one person (around 6 feet) comfortably
2) should have enough space for the backpack and shoes in the vestibule (is it called like that in english?)
3) light. <4 pounds if possible The lighter the better
4) Should withstand rain and wind. Added bonus if it also possible to camp in snow
5) cheap. As cheap as possible. I currently have a tent of amazon for around $50 that is a tiny bit too small though.

thank you for any tips
I have the Alps one person tent. I think it is a great value. Got it for 89.00 at one of the online gear houses. Got the footprint also for around 14.00 but do not recommended it. Over designed. A piece of Tyvek works just fine and is lighter. Get it oversized so you have a place to kick off your boots and keep mud out of the tent. On the downside, I weighed the tent and it came in near 4 lbs. That's just the tent, not the footprint or stakes. Despite all this, it is well made and I use it as my primary shelter.
I have a eureka solitaire that I really like around 3lbs

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