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Jul 5, 2014
I decided I want to swap out my Sony e-mount 10-18mm f4.0 for the Sony 20mm f2.8 pancake for backpacking. The main reason is that I want to be able to ditch the Peak Designs capture clip that mounts my camera to my pack’s shoulder strap and instead be able to just carry it in a ZPacks hip belt pocket like it was a little point and shoot. I’ll also save 8-9 oz between the size difference and ditching the capture clip. It’s more about storing it in the hip belt for me though.

Question is.. I’ve never sold camera gear before so i’m not sure how much you can typically expect to get back for a used lens. There is a photography store in my town that sells the lens I am looking to sell brand new for $850 and the lens that I want to buy for $350. I am going in Saturday to talk to the guy that does the purchasing.. Am I expecting too much hoping for close to an even swap.. expecting too little? I have no idea. Obviously condition is extremely important. The lens (glass) itself is flawless (from what I can see) but the body of the lens isn’t in pristine condition as it’s been out on trail with me quite a bit hanging from my capture clip. So definite signs of usage but no flaws that stand out to me. I also don’t have the box anymore if that makes a difference.

Also if anyone here is interested in the 10-18 i’d be willing to give an extra good deal to a fellow BCP member.
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Oct 30, 2016
Every lens I’ve sold has gone for within 10-15% of retail. They don’t lose any functionality with use, so unless the body is badly beat up or it’s an outdated model I’d definetly be looking to get more out of it than a swap for that $350 lens if it were mine. If you can find some used being sold online it could help you price it.


Jul 5, 2014
Thanks, I saw some of the big stores like b&h selling it for like $600 but that’s not much less than I paid for it since I got a good deal on this online suspecting it was the overseas version that didn’t come with the warranty. Not sure how that affects resale value.

I know that @Nick and a few others on here use Sony e-mount so I wonder if I should post something up in the Gear for Sale forum first before I go on Saturday.


May 19, 2012
I have bought from B&H, used stuff is pricey, but you can return stuff within 30 days if does not work for you. I have sold stuff on Craigslist and Ebay, for reasonable prices.


Aug 9, 2007
I imagine you should be able to get at least $600 if not closer to $700 for that lens. I'd definitely list it here.


Jul 5, 2014
Wow that’s great. I was just hoping to have enough to cover the 20mm, so anything on top of that is gravy. Can’t wait for my camera to be teeny tiny.
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