Labor Day Plans


Aug 9, 2007
Who's got 'em? Some think of this as the last big camping weekend of the year, others think it's the last one that we have to deal with crowds. ;)

I was going to backpack in the Uintas; hit either WFBF or Little East Fork with Ndheiner but just found out he opened his knee up with a chainsaw earlier this week and now it's all in the air. He's still debating going but apparently the wound is pretty deep and won't stop bleeding.. not sure I want to drag that into the backcountry! Maybe I better just sit this weekend out and then go all out next weekend. Hmmm.. what to do, what to do...

So what does everyone else have cooking this weekend?
Coyote Buttes North on Saturday, then some exploring and camping on the Paria Plateau, North Rim, etc...
Hopefully going up to Keet Seel but it is currently closed due to flooding. Will have to wait and see. If that doesn't work out, maybe Cedar Mesa or a section of the Colorado Trail
Naturalist and Four Lakes Basin with my dad and brother Thursday through Monday. It definitely won't be my last camping trip of the year, but it might be my last Uintas trip of the year.
Heading to the Weminuche in Colorado. I'm going to do a loop starting from the Rio Grande Reservoir up to the CDT and back down. I've got a friend flying in from back east and I'm meeting another friend living in Pueblo. I hope the crowds aren't too bad. And I'm hoping this leg muscle I somehow pulled yesterday won't hold me up. After my week last week that some of you probably saw on the news, I'm ready for 5 days on the trail!
We're still contemplating a Uintas trip (waiting to hear back from 2 people). Possibly WFBF. Let me know if you want to join us. We'd likely leave Th. after work.
Damn it, I am moving all freakin weekend. Finally got a house after movin out here from Utah though. Planning a trip around Four Pass Loop for a few weekends away.
Just doing some car camping in Cache Valley and helping a friend move on Saturday.
After much anguish over the last few days, I've settled on my labor day plans... I'm going to ship out about 100 backcountrypost shirts, fix my fence and spend some time with Audra and the pups. The nice thing is, this gives me more vacation days to work with this fall since I can just work at home on Labor Day itself. :) I have a feeling it's gonna be lonely around backcountrypost this weekend though. :cry:
Back to the Winds--setting up base camp in Three Forks Park and exploring from there.
Sounds fun! We set up camp there several years ago when we attempted Gannett via Wells Creek. Didn't make it. But looks like there are tons of opportunities to explore around there. Hopefully you'll share some pics when you're back.
Damn, jealous of a lot of you that you get to go out in nature while I will be inside making biology lesson plans (and looking at gear online).
Alright all you people who did fun stuff over the weekend... how was it? I need to live vicariously through you as I did nothing but sit in front of the computer and work on the site all weekend. :coffee:
Eh... Wasn't that good. Made it about 50 miles into an 80 mile trip when I aggravated a shin splint, and had to bail. I hate shin splints. The winds were nice though, this is bald mountain basin, above spider lake.BaldMountainBasinSmall.jpg

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