Labor Day Backpack in Arizona/Utah


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Aug 14, 2013
I am flying into Phoenix/Las Vegas (depending on what hike I choose) over labor day weekend and I am looking for a good 3-4 night backpack to do in northern Arizona or southern Utah. Any good suggestions? Also, I am from Colorado and have no experience with flash flooding, is this something that needs to be worried about in september, or is the wet season passed?

You still may be on the edge of wet season. You'd have to pay attention to the weather scenario. A great pack trip would be the Paria down to Lee's Ferry or Buckskin Gulch down to Lee's ferry. Both very worthy trips.
The Paria, West Rim Trail (Zion), or Grand Gulch would all be fantastic hikes.
Not sure if the gnats are still out though- that might make you want to go with the West Rim Trail.
There are some pretty good backpacking spots around Sedona that I haven't done personally.
Wet Beaver Creek comes to mind.
West Rim would be awesome and pretty close. High elevation so if it's really hot you'd probably still be okay and if you're lucky the monsoon will still be rocking a bit. If you're willing to drive a little further east then there are endless possibilities around Escalante and Cedar Mesa.
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