Klymit sale


Auribus Teneo Lupum
Dec 27, 2012
FYI: you can purchase most items (not all) from Costco online without an active membership. I recently placed an order from my old expired one and it worked great. The Klymit items appear to be open to non-members. The pack raft looks pretty cool.


Jul 11, 2018
Klymit has opened an outlet store about half a mile from my home. They sell refurbished items. I got a pillow for $6 and a new sleeping bag for $100 that were lightly used. If anybody is interested in deals on Klymit gear and don't mind refurbished/lightly used items, I would be happy to drop in and browse and report back what's available. When I was last in there they had pleny of pillows, pads, and KSB 20 sleeping bags.
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