Ketchum Run Overnight - Loyalsock Trail - Pennsylvania - 2020 September 26


NE Coastal Hykur
Oct 24, 2020
Waterfalls along the Ketchum Run.

Ketchum Run 2020 (9).JPG

Nice to have options.

Ketchum Run 2020 (10).JPG

Rock formations along Ketchum Run.

Ketchum Run 2020 (11).JPG

A view of the Loyalsock Trail along Ketchum Run.

Ketchum Run 2020 (12).JPG

The sign is here but we didn't see any dam.

Ketchum Run 2020 (13).JPG

Cooking thinly sliced steak on a alcohol stove made by Zelph.

Ketchum Run 2020 (14).JPG

Heating water for tea to wash down the thinly sliced steak.

Ketchum Run 2020 (15).JPG

A small footprint but the height is comfortable enough to sit upright.

Ketchum Run 2020 (16).JPG

Returned to the trail head along High Knob Road.

Ketchum Run 2020 (17).JPG

A group photo of us back in 2019 at the Alpine Vista. along the Loyalsock Trail.

Ketchum Run 2019 (20).JPG
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Because I am able.
Dec 31, 2017
I really like the pan you are using to cook the steak! Did you purchase that somewhere, or is that makeshift?

Thanks for sharing!


NE Coastal Hykur
Oct 24, 2020
I really like the pan you are using to cook the steak! Did you purchase that somewhere, or is that makeshift?

Thanks for sharing!
You're welcome. Purchased the pan at Eastern Mountain Sports many years ago (don't recall exactly when). It is of those items that seem to be on the store shelf intermittently. I'm guesssing it is because they sell fast.

Update - On the shelf now at Eastern Mountain Sports:

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