Joshua Tree 4 day trip - February

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    I am headed out to Joshua Tree in a couple weeks and will have about 4 days to explore as I wish. I've done quite a bit of reading on the park, trails, etc. However, I wouldn't mind hearing from some that have been there as to areas you would definitely recommend hitting. While I may camp in one of the campgrounds at least one night, I prefer backcountry camping so most likely will be doing that most of my time there. It is a better opportunity for some solitude as well as awesome star gazing. I know there are no camp fires in the backcountry, but that does not concern me really. I do not have one very often as it is.

    So... any feedback or recommendations? I know I will probably do the following:

    Willow Hole trail so I can explore the Wonderland of Rocks.
    Hike the Boy Scout Trail
    Ryan Mountain

    Any other spots you recommend?
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    The Desert Wastelands
    It is an amazing place. If you are a photographer or just like the visual desert, you will appreciate the fire ban. All the sculptural branches and dead trees are there to enhance, some quite shockingly beautiful in their lines and even slight blue color against the rocks and desert earth. The Mojave desert is really something.

    We parked at the Keys West board, registered and went up the Boy Scout trail. All you have to do is find a place a mile from the road and 500' from the trail, staying out of the day use area, to camp. There are great possibilities behind amazing rock stacks where you will be completely hidden. We just left our camp in place, a nice hidden little cove and then crossed into the Wonderland of Rocks for tons of dayhiking and bouldering. Nothing quite like it.
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    Yo shirt,
    We're also headed out to Joshua Tree in the next month. I've been doing research myself with books and videos. There's a lot to do! When you get back please respond to this post let me know what you enjoy the most. Will be camping in Indian Cove and probably doing a lot of day hikes and scrambling. Still trying to decide what routes will be best.