January 1st 2017- Black Hole


Feb 15, 2013
Happy New Year....January One 2017, was the 14th installment of the New Years Black Hole descent, in the 15 years of FreezeFest. Over the years, it has been in the 50 degree range a pair times, the 40's half a dozen times, below freezing about four times, including 6 degrees one morning, warming to maybe 20. There has been log jams 3 times, very snowy twice, flowing 3cfs once and icy to some degree almost always, sometimes creating great challenge. We treated one person for mild hypothermia and to my knowledge have not had any other reported injury of any kind. Our numbers were 6, 7, 4, 8, 12, 16 the first 6 years and has been in the 20's every year since, ranging from 22-28 brave souls. We had 24 folks this year, in party cloudy skies, with temps in the low 40's and less ice than normal. A bit scoured this year too, so a few more swims than normal.