In Government Trail and out Water Canyon

Big Leaper

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Sep 19, 2021
Hi everyone. I'm a noob. In October, I'm planning a trip starting at Government Trail and hoping to come out at Water. This is a family backpacking trip. We've done lots of day hikes in the area, but want to now do more backpacking and really get in it. We were thinking of starting at Government Trail, dropping our packs, heading to the Big Man panel and returning to our packs for a first night of camping. Then we would explore Deer Canyon and hopefully come out of Water. Is this feasible? How long would this take? Are there plenty of campsites along with way? Ideally we'd like three nights and are trying to figure out day hikes in this area. Is this too short a distance for three days? Are there other canyons we should be seeing? Would someone be willing to share some insight about certain sites along the way. I know there's a bit of controversy about giving away too much information, which I understand, I've got some teenagers tagging along and I'd like them to see some sites thought without missing them (i know they can be hard to spot) and develop a deep appreciation and respect for sensitive cultural areas. Thanks in advance.
yes, can get out one of the forks in water canyon. Also can get out deer canyon. go down Pollys canyon from the top.... a few amazing things in there. i will look up my info and get back....
Hi Bob, thanks for the reply. We've done Kane Gulch to Turkey Pen and Junction, Perfect Kiva in Slickhorn, the Citadel, Lewis Lodge, Procession Panel, Monarch Cave, Double Stack, Over and Under, Moon House, River House, House on Fire, etc. Do you think spending three nights in this area would be good? Do you think we should move camps or just day hike from one spot? We are looking for ruins and rock art. THANK YOU
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