How’s th weather In y’all’s neck of th woods?


Life really is better Here
Apr 20, 2013
Pretty much I can smoke meat with just leaving the smoker in the sun, and top it with a few sunny-side up eggs from the sidewalk.
The Uintas still seem to be getting some monsoon. So I need to head over that way again and at least jump in a lake.


Mar 28, 2012
in SLC this afternoon it was 100 with dew point well below freezing :oops:
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 5.28.48 PM.png


I ❤️ GYE
May 31, 2015
That is crazy hot. Friend down in Phoenix is dealing with 111 today. I start melting at 80, dry heat or not!
You and me both. We top out around 90-95 here on our hottest days and that's still too much for me. Take me back to those days at -20 this past winter.
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