Hole in the Rock in Early June


Apr 21, 2013
I have 11 days to play in early June. Who has experience on the hole in the rock road that time of year? Too warm usually? I know every year is different with regards to weather. But, what I can expect temp wise? Here is what I'm thinking. Nuts?

1 night backpack...willow/fortymile
1 day canyoneering in Egypt area
1 day hiking Red Breaks Canyon
1 day hiking on the Kariwaitis
1 day hiking the lake trail down "Hole in the Rock Road"
2 days exploring Little Death Hollow and Wolverine Canyon

Mike Yang

Nov 6, 2013
I'm not nearly as experienced as other folks on the site, but I wouldn't recommend doing Egypt 3 alone. There are a few potholes that are quite deep, and if there is water/mud it could be extremely difficult to climb out without an assist.
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