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Aug 9, 2007
This seems like it shouldn't be that hard to find, but I'm struggling. Does anyone know where I can find historical daily weather data for a specific location? The location I'm hoping for is Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon. I won a permit to float the Grand Canyon in July 2021 and I want to look back on what the actual highs and lows have been recently. Averages and records are easy to find, but not actual data.

You can select Phantom Ranch data, you can choose temp graph, daily precipitation data for a month etc.

I selected summer temperature data for year 2018 for instance:

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Summer data for 2019, data missing


Summer data 2017

Summer data 2016
This is not exactly what you are looking for, for Phantom Ranch, since this source is for city and small town data but I like City Data. If there is a close town this works great for the climatology (averages in the past) of a place.

For instance, for Guadalupe, AZ check out the climactic data half way down. I use this to decide whether I can live somewhere, as in retire somewhere, and our main metric is the number of days of sunshine as compared to our home in the Wasatch. This data through out all of the Pacific Northwest. for us, because there were neatly double the days of overcast and sometimes rain as our desert west.

July ? In Grand canyon..... HOT.....