Hiking Horse Canyon?


Aug 6, 2019
Hey folks,
Headed that way in a couple of days.
Guess I can leave off a severe weather advisory, as Canyonlands seems to be an exception for me(not saying it won't hit teens instead of 20s, though!).
I'll almost surely go down Big Springs Canyon to Elephant, make sure Druid Arch is still there, and circle back up via the Chesler Park Trail as an overnighter, too, but my main focus is Salt Creek(after Squaw Flat to Peekaboo) down to Angel Arch.
Lord willing that there's time, and I'm not gimping around with this plantar fasciitis or whatever it is that's been torturing my foot, recently, I was thinking I might head down Horse Canyon to Castle and Fortress Arch, which looks to be ~16.4 miles round trip from Peekaboo.
What's that like? If it's ok hiking, great, but if it's too sandy, I don't think my foot will put up with that for long, and I could settle for just going over to Paul Bunyan's Potty.
I'd like to see those arches, but am not looking to further test my manhood getting to them.
What say ye?
Very sandy most of the way in the wash. Not bad if it's frozen in the morning, but it will get softer as it warms up.
Guess I'll just have to see how that foot's feeling after Salt Creek...
sndy sandy sandy, but worth it when 4WD is closed. 3 trips with backpack nights in Horse when closed to 4WD and saw no one. Side canyon explorations yield much discovery. After recent rains side canyons of side canyons have bedrock bottoms with potholes that may yield water. Once found surface water in unnamed canyon below Gothic Arch