Hiking Colorado - 13er Bald Mountain 13,703'


Apr 22, 2018

This is a video trip report of my hike of Bald Mountain (13,703') from Monday September 4th, 2023.

The hike was roughly 6.5 miles with roughly 2,500' of elevation gain.My hike started out at Boreas Pass, just Southeast of Breckenridge Colorado. At the trailhead Bald Mountain can be seen with the summit barely visible just off the left side of a false summit. This mountain is very deceiving as there are many false summits on the route I took. There is a nice size parking lot and some small buildings with some interesting railroad and historical information.

You start the hike headed east toward Boreas saddle where you then head off trail North over the many bumps along the way. There were a few Cairns here and there but its pretty simple to stay the path and just head up the ridge and push onward. There are a few sections of scrambling and using your hands if needed, but nothing exceeds Class 2. There is one small 3-4 foot climb up that could have been avoided upon looking around, but was simple enough there was no issue there.

Once along the ridge you reach a nice flat summit with a summit register. The views were particularly nice this day with some small clouds coming in. I had the summit to myself and enjoyed a Boneyard Brewing Hop Venom DIPA on the summit. It was pretty windy the majority of the hike and is exposed nearly the entire route as well. Keep this in mind as the ridge is longer then one would think if there is incoming weather.

Once back down to the saddle, I enjoyed a Crooked Stave Pun'kin Power Ale as I descended back into the basin. This is where I saw my first hikers for the entire day as well. Despite being Labor Day weekend, this area was really quiet and a beautiful place to get a Fall hike in.

I hope you enjoy the video! Safe Trails!