Highline Trail To WFBF Part 2


The mountains are calling and I must go
Mar 31, 2013
After reaching the top of Rocky Sea Pass we started descending into the Rock Creek Drainage.
It's from this side you can see where the pass gets it's name.

Looking out over the Rock Creek Drainage while descending the rocky side of Rocky Sea Pass.

See that pointy peak in the top middle of the photo? Remember that because we'll reference that as we move along through the drainage.
You'll also notice the patches of snow . . . in the end of July?! Well it didn't take long for Addison to succumb to the temptation of a snow ball in summer.

The Rock Creek Drainage is such a varied and beautiful place! The views that are had throughout this stretch of the hike are jaw dropping gorgeous.
After reaching the bottom, we look back to see where we came from. This is looking back at Rocky Sea Pass

At the bottom of the descent there are a couple of unnamed ponds. Here we are hiking past the first.
Throughout the Uintas there are ponds without names. In my experience these are small bodies of water that aren't big enough to warrant naming. Many are simply given a number. I've also noticed that many of the unnamed ponds and even some of the smaller named lakes don't exist in drier years.
Here's another one

There are several places where there is no trail. To help through these areas hikers have piled up rocks to show where to go. These rock piles are called cairns and this one is one the of the largest I've seen.

We did run into a little bit of trouble here. We hiked the direction shown in the above photo. Well, we should have turned right here, but we didn't discover that until hiking a hundred yards past this cairn and not finding another. So we back tracked and looked around and finally found the way to go.

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Dropping down into the Rock Creek drainage from Rocky Sea Pass is such an awesome spot. That place is so beautiful. I love all those lakes up there! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the rest :)
Those views coming over Rocky Sea Pass bring back great memories. Can't wait to get my fancy new knee up there next year.
Beautiful. Haven't been to Rocky Sea Pass since 1980. Great memories.
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