Hermit spends 27 years undetected in Maine woods


Aug 9, 2007
And I thought the Mountain Man story here in Utah was wild...



Christopher Knight went into the central Maine wilderness 27 years ago.

He built a hut on a slope in the woods, where he spent his days reading books and meditating.
There he lived, re-entering civilization only to steal supplies from camps under the cover of darkness. During those nearly three decades, he spoke just once to another person – until he was arrested during a burglary last week.

In between, Knight told police, he committed more than 1,000 burglaries, always taking only what he needed to survive. He became so familiar for his thievery and elusiveness that he spawned the local legend of the North Pond Hermit, who for years confounded both locals and police investigating the break-ins.

In June 2005, the Morning Sentinel published a story about the "hermit of North Pond," who, it said, "for the last 15 years has been picking his way through dozens of the 300 or so camps around North Pond."

"It's been a myth, or legend, that a hermit was responsible," Maine State Trooper Diane Perkins-Vance told the Kennebec Journal on Tuesday. "That happens to be the case."

Read the rest here: http://www.onlinesentinel.com/news/...ct-in-more-than-1000-burglaries-captured.html


Jan 18, 2012
That is pretty interesting/facinating. The only un-answered question I have is where his family is and why weren't they looking for him? The article states he had a nice up-bringing, but was he ever listed as a missing person??

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