Help identifying stone tool?

It looks like an awl, possibly repurposed from a broken point. The shortest side (upper side in both photos) looks broken off. Could've been used to punch holes in leather, but broke and was discarded.
Thanks Dennis!!
Could be a broken drill/awl as @Udink states. I've also seen small similar shards that I think were used as scrapers (for prepping hides and such). They could have been made specifically for the job or were repurposed points.

I once found a similar stone with a hole drilled into it -- it was in/near what I believe was an old lake bed judging by the fossil shells/brachiopods in the area. I think it may have been used as a sinker for a fishing net. Your "item with a hole" almost looks like an old piece of bone??

Attached is a picture of some of the points/flint I have found in the fields around our farm over the years. You can also see the stone with the hole.

Yes the second thing is either sandstone or else heavily weathered pottery. Both were down in a random wash so we don't have any other context. Thanks!!