Oct 16, 2022
Hi, I'm a new member, new to backpacking (planning a short trip for next summer and then hopefully many more after that), but am a fairly experienced camper (car camp usually 10-15 nights a year).

Researching (and buying) backpacking gear has been a fun way to kill some time over the last few months.

My current kit:
Osprey Aether 55L backpack
Nemo Tempo 35F sleeping bag
Klymit static V sleeping pad

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Welcome to the journey that is backpacking! What kinds of fishing do you usually do? Bit of an enthusiast for fishing myself.
DO NOT BUY a backpack. Once you do, the joy of shopping around and comparing will disappear....until you decide you need a second backpacker for shorter trips....or maybe for longer trips. :^)_
Lol. I've already gone past that point.

Still shopping for a backpacking tent. Our current tent is a TNF Stormbreak3 which weighs 6pounds so not precisely backpack friendly.

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Welcome to the journey that never ends... and a forum that has taught me a lot.

If possible. try to keep your "big 3" (tent, sleep system, backpack) at 9 lbs. I found controlling total weight gets more important the older I get! Colder conditions generally requires more weight (clothing, sleeping gear). I try to keep my fishing gear down to about 1 lb these days and have started using a smartphone only for photos. You have a good start.